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Sex Doesn’t Equal Shame; An Open Letter to Tumblr

As the news spreads that Tumblr has decided to ban pornography from it's platform for good, it becomes clear that we've lost another major...

Developer asks: ‘Will it butt plug?’

The question today is: Will it butt plug? And to be a little clearer, the “it” we’re talking about here is video game and the...

Intimacy in VR Porn: Virtual Meets Reality

In 2014, a sex-positive man in Vancouver, BC built his own VR camera. Already enmeshed in the local kink scene and now equipped with...

#SexTalkTuesday Is A Whole New Kind Of Sex Positive Marketing

Can you promote sex positivity and increase your bottom line? #SexTalkTuesday says: "Ooooooh yeah."

Your Guide To Sex Positive Online Companies Who Work With Sex/Tech...

Sex negative companies make the news all the time. JP Morgan, for refusing service to the female-owned condom company Lovability. Square, for not allowing...

Two Badass Directories Are Highlighting Sex Positive POC

Two directories - the Sex Positive Professionals of Color Directory and the Women of Color Sexual Health Network - are proving that sex ed isn't only white.

This Hot New Couples Sex Toy Is Sparking A #SexPositive Conversation

Let's talk about the revolutionary couples sex toy Hot Octopuss PULSE II DUO and #SexNotStigma.

Adult Game ‘Fap Ninja’ is coming to MiKandi. Iku iku!

For the past couple of years, hentai has been our top search term, month after month. It beats out free consistently, which I think is pretty amazing....