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Smart Vibrator Secretly Recorded and Stored Audio From Sex Sessions

The app-enabled sex toy company Lovense has been charged with storing recordings of people without their knowledge.

We-Vibe Being Sued for Alleged Breach of Privacy

I’m always a little bit bummed out when I have to write about something that’s gone wrong in the sex tech industry — but...

Will Haptic Tech Change the Way We Experience VR Porn?

While many are still skeptical about whether or not Virtual Reality will be a lasting technological sensation, VR studios are opening across North America...

Behind the Scenes on a VR Porn Set

Anna Lee of Hologirls discusses directing and producing VR porn.

Bad News: App-Connected Sex Toys Are Easily Hackable

When we think about hackers, we’re usually concerned about thieves getting their hands on our personal information, right? Stuff like bank account logins, social...
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Sex Toy ‘Crescendo’ Makes Strides in Sextech

Crescendo is not only making a name for itself in the sextech and hardware field, but is also finally hitting markets.

MiKandi Featured on Wired

MiKandi featured in a piece from Wired that explores the future of porn while addressing common misconceptions about the adult industry.

Cam Girls Are Utilizing Teledildonics In This GENIUS Way

Cam girls on the popular site Chaturbate have figured out how to use teledildonics to seriously up their money-making capability.

Soon to Hit the Market- Robotic Sex Dolls

It's an exciting time for sex-tech. 3-D printing companies are making copies of our naughty (but oh so wonderful) bits, virtual reality goggles are...

This Week In Weird Sex: Strokémon And Ketchup Porn

Oh my, oh my. Today I have two ridiculous stories related to internet porn to share with you. I want to help you, loyal...