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se-rua academy

Demand for more Japanese erotics games and content sees MiKandi respond with new content, starting with hentai visual novel 'Welcome to Se-rua Academy Creampie Festival' from Japanese doujin game creator Softhouse-Seal.

Great news today for anime fans! Bishoujo (which translates roughly to "pretty girl") game developer XERO and MiKandi Japan have launched Lv XERO, a new...

Hi guys! I have a really interesting game review to bring you guys this week, an interactive 2D RPG-style visual novel called The Legend of...

Ciao, MiKandians! Today I'm reviewing Elana Champion of Lust brought to you by Knot Games. I am really impressed with the complexity of this...

XERO and MiKandi Japan Reach Out To Fans, Request Feedback, Strengthen Kickstarter!
Trials in Tainted Space

Fenoxo, the creator behind Corruptions of Champions, brings his wildly successfully adult game Trials in Tainted Space to the MiKandi.