Sex negative companies make the news all the time. JP Morgan, for refusing service to the female-owned condom company Lovability. Square, for not allowing people who work in the adult industry to use their payment processor. Google, when they threatened to make adult content on Blogger basically unfindable.

What we don’t hear about as often are the awesome companies out there who make the struggle that is running an adult-oriented company that much easier, even if it’s just by not being dicks about it. Because this is an issue that all sex/tech companies deal with at some point, I decided to make the whole process easier by compiling a list of companies that are down to work with sex-related businesses.

I reached out to some prominent players in the sex/tech world to find out: Who are the good guys? Who can we rely on to process our payments and host our sites and let us make our money in the perfectly legal ways we do, without imposing some kind of moral judgement?

Keep reading for the ultimate guide to sex positive companies and please, if you have some you’d like to add to the list, leave a comment below or tweet me @MissEmmaMcG.

Cindy Gallop, MakeLoveNotPorn


Cindy Gallop, CEO of MakeLoveNotPorn, is hands down the most famous — and vocal — champion of the sex/tech industry. She’s not afraid to say what she thinks (check out her TED talk, in which she said “come on my face” six times) and she’s definitely not afraid to call out the assholes. That blonde bob is the most recognized look of anyone in the industry and I’m happy to share her favorite sex/tech-friendly companies with you.

Cindy also has a few companies who she has spoken with over the years, if not worked with directly, that she “would recommend to anyone.”

Finally, Cindy wants to point all of you sex/tech founders toward Tatiana Becker, a tech recruiter who is currently expanding her business so that she can help sex/tech companies recruit top tech talent. You can find her on LinkedIn or on her website.

Soumyadip Rakshit, MysteryVibe


Soum is a relatively new player in the sex/tech field but one who is making waves already — his company, MysteryVibe, was the second sex toy company to ever exhibit at TechCrunch Disrupt, the first to appear on the homepage of the exclusive crowd funding site Born, and he’ll be reaping sex/tech at Pioneers Festival in Europe later this year. MysteryVibe’s first toy, Crescendo, has a patented design that include six different motors and the ability to bend in multiple directions, making it the first truly personalized insertable vibe on the market.

“Through all our ventures we try to make a positive impact to as many people’s lives as we can reach,” Soum told MiKandi. “MysteryVibe can only achieve that with the backing of big mainstream leaders like Google for Entrepreneurs, Rackspace, Digicert, Paypal, Stripe. They have not only provided us with invaluable support but also set a precedent by seeing beyond the taboo and giving us the same love as they would to any other startup in any space.”

Here are Soum’s recommendations:

Megan, Orgasmatronics


Orgasmatronics is one of my absolute favorite companies, half because their inventions are awesome (check out the Ambrosia Vibe for a whole new strap-on experience) and half because they’ve built this awesome brand that’s just, well, fun! They’re led by Dr. X. Treme, a physicist who has turned his super brain to the task of figuring out fun ways to get people off. His videos are hilarious and informative and you should go watch all of them right now.

Megan is Orgasmatronic’s Jill of all trades. Here are the companies that she loves working with:

Jen McEwen, MiKandi


While MiKandi might not need any introduction, let me tell you about Jen. Jen has been working in the sex/tech industry for years, first as a sex toy designer, then in her position as VP of Product Development of the internet’s number one marketplace for adult apps. She also created Tits&Glass, the first porn app for Google Glass.

Basically, she’s a badass woman who’s breaking boundaries left and right, with no plans to stop any time soon. Here are the companies that Jen recommends:

And here are all of those resources one more time, listed by category. Please note: Not all of these companies will work with every type of sex/tech company. Take a look at the companies above to see which is most like yours for some guidance.



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Project/Team Management:


Everything Else:

Images: Courtesy of subjects; Flazingo Photos/Flickr



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