On December 10th, popular art sharing app, ArtStation, was removed from the Google Play Store citing a Violation of Sexually Explicit Content policy. The image in question is a tasteful digital illustration by TB Choi that depicts a woman in various stages of undress (not completely nude or obscene by any means). ArtStation informed their community of the removal and the subsequent rejection of their appeal on December 17th.

While this is nothing new to us in the adult industry, the fact that the current climate of censorship has spread to the mainstream art world is unfortunate… to put it mildly. Surely, Google wouldn’t censor historic art such as The Creation of Adam or The Birth of Venus, both of which have far more nudity than what was shown in the banned image on ArtStation. Or would they? Where do we draw the line when it comes to censorship?

There is a huge difference between artful depictions of the human body and downright obscenity. Maybe Google should start using the Miller Test to determine whether or not content is appropriate for distribution. The third standard of the test declares that content is to be considered obscene if “the work, taken as a whole, lacks serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value.” Considering ArtStation is literally a hub for professional artists to share their work, I’m going to say that most (if not all) of the content contains at least some artistic value.

MiKandi Game-dev, Nick Alston, expressed that “Banning ArtStation, a site that is largely filled with professionals and some of the most talented artists on the planet, is a horrible disservice to creatives as well as to society. I find a significant amount of inspiration from ArtStation. It would be a shame to limit their content from a platform (mobile) which is quickly becoming the largest for consuming and ingesting media of any kind.” 

With no end to censorship in sight, mature-friendly artistic outlets are becoming more and more scarce. Mainstream artistic expression is being threatened by big-tech and it’s ever-changing terms and conditions. Luckily, there are platforms like MiKandi that welcome artists and provide a place to monetize content without having to worry about getting banned for showing a titty. Until mainstream companies accept that adult content, art, and the human form have a place in society, MiKandi invites ArtStation to squad up, and fight the good fight against censorship. You’re welcome here.


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