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Scifi Sex Toys - Adult Comics | MiKandi


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Scifi Sex Toys

Last Update: 12/29/2017

The year is 2100, and technology has ushered in an era of prosperity and health for humankind, with poverty and disease fully eliminated.\r\nNow that many of the world's problems have been dealt with, humanity has turned its focus to other fields of study, namely...\r\n\r\nSEX!\r\n\r\nIn this time period, one company has monopolized and dominated the sex device industry, creating innovations in a wide range of categories, all for the purpose of sexual pleasure and happiness.\r\nWhat you'll be seeing in this product is a small assortment of women and men who have agreed to be featured in this company's yearly catalogue, and in compensation they get their sexual devices for free!\r\n\r\nLandscape and Portrait image dimensions\r\n5 CG base illustrations, 5-7 variations per illustration\r\n31 variations with text\r\n32 textless\r\n63 total pictures

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