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Old Man Lover ~Your Voice Melts My Heart~ (Ep1) - Adult Comics | MiKandi


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Old Man Lover ~Your Voice Melts My Heart~ (Ep1)

Last Update: 07/21/2017

"You have no idea how an old man's love can be so intense." "Oh, I would like it like that."-----Mai, who works at a cafe, has a problem: her voice when she screams sounds weird. She often turns her boyfriend off during sex by screaming "UGHPYAAAH!" One day, Mai follows a regular customer to return a book he left at the cafe, and finds out he is actually a famous voice actor! The more she gets to know him, the less she worries about her habit, and she falls for him little by little...The old man boyfriend is very good for so many things!! (Ep1)

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