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Noo... His scent keeps turning me on! (Ep1) - Adult Comics | MiKandi


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Noo... His scent keeps turning me on! (Ep1)

Last Update: 05/12/2017

H...Hurry up and make me cum... I'm going to go crazy! In an empty office, he stimulates my wettest points... No, it feels so good I'm going to make noise!! Rino is an OL at the bottom of the food chain who has an usual body - whenever she smells a man's scent, she gets aroused. One day, when she is secretly appeasing her overflowing crotch, right when she was about to cum deep inside, her co-worker Tsuda finds her. "You were touching yourself here?" It's throbbing so much... It wants his rock hard pole. I hate him... How is he making me feel so good? Ever since then, her days of being erotically tortured by Tsuda have begun! (Ep1)

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