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Triangle X18 Art Works Book 3 - Adult Comics | MiKandi


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Triangle X18 Art Works Book 3

Last Update: 04/06/2017

It's Breast sex time! Uraha from Triangle! is at it again, bringing you another hentai book! By the breast sex fan, for the breast sex fan! Please enjoy Triangle!’s ”Breast Sex Only" book where girls have nice attitudes when you ask for breast sex! It feels too good and they love it. Splash it on to her!!! All art works are drawn high-res full color. This package has 13 basic, 22 total pictures including ejaculation before and after splash variations. About Triangle Our mission is publishing unrealistic adult scenarios, full color comics and illustrations. We are creating our dream situations where guys take the initiative most of the time. We are trying to create the best art which appeals to guys’ fetish mind! We hope MiKandi fans enjoy them too!! Due to Japanese regulations, we have to censor some of our art. Please support us so we can find a Western artist to uncensor!

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