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No Meat Please - Adult Comics | MiKandi


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No Meat Please

Last Update: 02/20/2018

From the original ZZZ written stories, No Meat Please begins! Tom and his vegetarian girlfriend Misty have been dating for a while, but Tom can't take much more of Misty's lack of sex drive. Misty accidentally has some meat and things change in a big and growing way! This comic contains mini giantess, growing, clothes ripping, breast growth, very tall woman, sex with very tall woman, sex with mini giantess, creampie, oral sex to mini giantess, oral sex from mini giantess and more! Growth is caused by eating meat. All characters are 18 or older. Written by ZZZ, lines by Happy Happo, Colors by Alek Marmontel and Cexi, cover by Cris Delara.

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