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Ridin' Up! 4 - Pussy Cat's Plaything - Adult Comics | MiKandi


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Ridin' Up! 4 - Pussy Cat's Plaything

Last Update: 04/06/2017

Ever since Paige got a taste of having a cock, sex hasn't been the same. Rubbing her clit, fingering herself, even pounding her ass...and still, nothing seems to satisfy! In desperation, she uses the experimental substance Erexux to grow her clit back into a futa cock. But now she has a new problem. She keeps cumming and cumming! A frantic futanari fuck comic written and illustrated by DarkerEve! 13 pages + cover illustration About DarkerEve: DarkerEve, a.k.a. Darwin Nuñez, is an erotic illustrator/comic artist from the Dominican Republic. In addition to the comics he creates for Studio Cutepet (Ridin' Up, Dollz), he also writes and illustrates the popular erotic webcomic, J'M&M Beach N' Bitches. He loves heavy metal music, and his favorite character is Batman.

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