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The Initiation - Adult Comics | MiKandi


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The Initiation

Last Update: 04/06/2017

It's Alex's First Year away from home and it will certainly be a memorable one! The Campus Horndale Hills or "Hung and Horny U" is teeming with sex crazed campus hotties, and this makes studying practically impossible. How can you focus on studies while your hot roommate gets it on with the entire football team? Fortunately Alex is introduced to Bradley, a tutor who is willing to pull all-nighters in exchange for the discovery of carnal knowledge! It also helps that Professor Fenton gives additional credit for extracurricular activities. Things really heat up however when the final pledge night begins for the fraternity Zeta Mega Phallus. Alex will do anything to come out on top of the fraternity pledge initiation. He's ready to endure any humiliation and perform whatever acts are necessary, even at the expense of his one true friend on campus.

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