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Lucy Got Problems
fantasy game

About Lucy Got Problems

A yuri/ecchi/comedy visual novel, following the misadventures of an airheaded succubus spy in a perilous elven forest. Find out how to survive in the forest full of dangers, complete the Very Important Mission, make new friends or foes, find love, and more!
Published By: Flat Chest Dev
Released On: 11/05/2018
Last Update Was On: 01/08/2019


Lucy, a greenhorn succubus spy, arrives in the elven forest... and soon realizes she has no idea why. What was her mission, actually?! The only thing that's clear – her superior, Priestess Tiamat, will be really mad if she'll get back empty-handed! Lucy has to figure something out real quick, or she'll never know how her mistresses' panties look like. And she'll probably be fed to the sinister astral squids...

Find your way around and get along with the forest dwellers using Lucy's "well-developed" personality and exceptional internal qualities!

Key Features
-Length: 3-5 hours
-Dynamic action scenes with various outcomes.
-Multiple small gameplay elements to brighten your mood.
-Shape your experience! Gameplay elements are adjustable, you are free to skip or turn off things you don't like.
-Partial sprite and background animations (all in the right places).
-2 secret characters to discover.
-A bunch of cute, funny and spicy moments for you to enjoy!

**This is the full, uncensored version of Lucy Got Problems**