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Mia's Quest: A Succubus Adventure
XXX fantasy game

About Mia's Quest: A Succubus Adventure

Play as Mia a succubus demon. Shes has a thirst for life...and there is only one way to get it. Travel around areas (schools, hospitals and other public places) in search male prey to drain of their cum so you can feed.
Published By: Bald Hamster Games
Released On: 03/05/2019
Last Update Was On: 03/05/2019


-Possess local girls so you can lure the men into a secluded area to have your way with them. -With every male you have sex with your health fills and if you drain them completely your ability power points goes up so you can fly and possess for a longer time. -You must drain all the males in the area to complete the level -Unlockable Outfits -Every level there are different males and females with special random encounters( like threesomes) every room has many different ways and spots you can have sex with your prey.